Actor Noah James, who portrays Jesus’ disciple Andrew in “The Chosen,” said he would like to know how the brother of Peter lived after the crucifixion and resurrection. (Photo courtesy of “The Chosen”)

Actor Noah James of ‘The Chosen’ would have questions for Andrew, the disciple he portrays

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Noah James, who portrays the disciple Andrew in the streaming series “The Chosen,” says he has plenty of questions for the brother of Peter — but not necessarily anything he would say aloud.

“I feel like I would just have to grab his hands. Just grab his hands, no words needed to be shared,” Mr. James said in an interview with The Washington Times.

“I would want to know what it was like, in those years after the crucifixion. That’s a huge piece of the puzzle,” he said. “I can think about that question … for as long as I am fortunate enough to play this character.”

Fortune has smiled on the actor and on “The Chosen.” The fourth season of the hit streaming series on the life of Jesus and his followers reaches the public in February, first in theaters, and will later move to the show’s streaming app.

Momentum has been building ever since the series first aired, and theatrical presentations have often sold out venues as hundreds of fans gather for communal viewing. This fall, a “ChosenCon” event drew thousands to Dallas, Texas, to hear from the stars as well as the show’s creator, Dallas Jenkins.

Mr. James, 34, says season four will be suffused with drama and pain.

“I think that the wonderful thing about season four is that as you’re looking for the good things, the light, sometimes the darkness can help frame the good,” he said. “I do think that’s a sort of ongoing theme with season four.”

Even though he and the rest of the cast know, from history and the Bible, where the story of Jesus is heading — a trial before Pilate, scourging, crucifixion and resurrection — they must play each season as if the storyline is unknown.

“You always want to be, in a way, as naive as possible. You want to come in with as clean a vision as you can. If anything, the job is to try to forget all of that [future], and just be in the moment,” Mr. James said.

“We know how it’s going to end, as an audience,” he said. “But these characters, almost all of them, you know, clearly do not know what’s on the horizon.”

Uncertainty about the immediate future also dogged Mr. James during the production of season four earlier this year, as strikes by the actors and writers unions loomed. Though “The Chosen” ultimately obtained a waiver allowing production to continue when the labor action hit, there was anxiety throughout.

“You’re pulled in two different directions,” said Mr. James, whose IMDB television credits include roles on “Shameless,” “S.W.A.T.” and “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.” “We are actors. We are a part of this union. And this union protects us. [But] there’s also the aspect of ‘Wow, I am a member of this production of this show. I hope we get to finish the season before a strike happens or something.”

They were able to finish that season, and now Mr. Jones is looking ahead to filming season five, where he hopes the drama will take place only before the cameras.

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