Thou shalt not print errors, so Bible proofreaders weed out typos, recipes

People have long found inspiration and insight in the Bible but never a recipe for chicken Parmesan, at least not on Chris Hudson’s watch. His proofreading company, devoted to checking Bibles before publication, has kept items such as a chicken Parmesan recipe out of Scripture — not because it’s not a heavenly dish but because it […]

Men are disconnected from the Bible and need to return, experts say

Evangelical publisher Robert Wolgemuth says one problem with Christianity in the U.S. is men — not what they’re doing but what they are not doing. “American men are tragically biblically illiterate, even guys that have gone to church all their lives,” said Mr. Wolgemuth, author and editor of more than 20 books, including “Dad’s Devotional Bible.” “And many […]